A lifetime in the Bush


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Len Beadell can lay claim to being the last of the great explorers of Australia: in the 1950s and 60s he undertook solo surveys which led to the building of roads through the most inaccessible tracts of the outback. But Len was more than just a surveyor-he was an author, cartoonist, raconteur and, above all, a great family man.
Mark Shephard has written an unashamedly eulogistic biography- anyone who has met Len will under- stand why. For the first time Len’s life has been chronicled, from the early influences which spawned his love of the outback to the years as tour guide and unsurpassable bush camp yarn spinner.
This book is more than a biography. The detailed appendix is a gazetteer which will prove an invaluable guide to Lenny’s greatest legacy to Australia, the 6000 km of outback highways.


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