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Teague family Business in Hawker.

The Hawker Visitor Information Centre (Hawker VIC) is located within the business of Hawker Motors. The Teague Family have operated Hawker Motors since 1952, when Fred Teague started the business by converting  A.T. Edwards General Store in Fifth Street, Hawker into a Workshop and Sales area. Tourism was starting in the Flinders Ranges and people required service and information.

Fred in the early 1950’s who need the sales could see the potential of tourism so he opened his business Saturday and Sunday mornings. Fred also opened Sunday mornings because the roads were very stoney and the local population would need to have punctured tyres repaired which would happened on their way in to church.

Fred, who was recognised for his vast knowledge of the Flinders Ranges and Outback, would be asked by the visitors where to go and what to see of interest in the area. Many customers today recall Fred Teague who had given them service information many years earlier.

Fred Teague was the first to protect the rock art at Yourambulla and Arkaroo Rock, and suggested and marked the track linking Bunyeroo Gorge to Brachina Gorge.

Mr. Flinders Ranges – Fred Teague 1912 – 1994

Fred looking over Hawker from Jarvis Hill Lookout.

Fred looking over Hawker from Jarvis Hill Lookout.