Bushwalking and Cycling.

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Bushwalking in the Flinders Ranges is enjoyed by many keen walkers. Treking the Heysen Trail or doing the local walking trails in the Flinders Ranges Ancient and dramatic mountain landscapes. Walking the peaceful tree-lined gorges, which are wealth of wildlife and give a sense of space unique to the semi-arid zone which combine to make the Flinders Ranges National Park one of South Australia’s best bushwalking destinations.

Flinders Ranges National Park is located 450 kilometres north of Adelaide in the central Flinders Ranges. The park comprises approximately 95,000 hectares and includes the Heysen Range, Brachina and Bunyeroo gorges and the breathtaking Wilpena Pound. There are a variety of walking trails that allow visitors to explore the parks major attractions, highlighting the contrasting diversity of plant and animal communities unique to this region.

St Mary Peak is 1171m. and provides a spectacular panoramic view, if you are unable to to the walk call in to Jeff Morgan Gallery and the Wilpena Panorama on Wilpena Road HAWKER.

Mild temperatures from April to October make this period the most comfortable for walking. During the summer months, temperatures range from 30C – 45C making walking more difficult. Some walking trails may be closed on days of Extreme Fire Danger.

Blinman Pools, is accessed through Angorichina Village in the Parachilna Gorge. Blinman pools info here.

No matter what time of year you are visiting the Flinders Ranges a careful responsible approach to bushwalking is essential for your safety. Essential items to carry must include water and a whistle.

“Bushwalking in Flinders Ranges National Park”, an ideal map of bushwalks, is available in our Visitor Information Centre or click here to download. The new 2nd edition of “Explore the Flinders Ranges” is also worth reading and includes bush walks. “The Heysen Trail, Spalding to Parachilna Gorge, Northern Guide” map book is essential for people walking the Heysen Trail.  Both books are available at our Visitor Information Centre or online at our shop.

The Mawson Trial is close to nine hundred kilometres long, the trail includes little-used country roads, State forest and national park fire trails, farm access tracks and unmade or unused road reserves. It avoids traffic and bitumen roads and leads cyclists into the remote areas of the Ranges, ending at Blinman.

For Flinders bike click here.

Around Hawker there are a number of short walks click this link to read about them.



Barry relaxing and taking in the view of Flinders Ranges

Taking in the view