Icing on the Damper


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Life Story of a Family in the Outback
This is a real-life story of the Outback that will make you proud to be Australian.
Joe Mahood is an outback Mr Fix-It. He is also a boots-and-all reincarnation of Jeanie Gunn’s romantic Malluka in We of the Never Never.
The Mahood family are battlers who never ask for something for nothing and who never give
up. They made their start in the Tanami desert of Central Australia with nothing more than their wits,
their proud determination to make it on their own, and their sense of fair-play.
Join the Mahoods in the desert at Mongrel Downs ‘somewhere West of Alice’. Or at Cattle Camp in Central Queensland’s tropical Brahman bull country complete with ticks, fleas, sandflies and mosquitoes like German
divebombers. Have a fat goanna for Christmas dinner at Cattle Camp, but there’s no dinner until
you’ve dug the 4-wheel drive out of the ‘spewey soil’, pulled Mad Cow out of the bog and mustered and branded 80 cleanskin cows.

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